Motor Vehicle Property Tax Adjustment Credit

Tax Map

Welcome to the launch of our latest map viewer application!

Because the Assessor’s Office is constantly working to bring you fresh, innovative resources, we have developed a more contemporary and intuitive mapping tool.

This new map viewer has four search capabilities:

Parcel Finder (Put in Dist/Map/Parcel for example: 11-3002-34)
Address (Put in the number and street for example: 215 Main St)
Parcel ID (Put in the entire Parcel ID for example: 113002003400000000)
Name Search (Put in the owner name, last name first for example: Smith Jerry)
The map has many layers of information to choose to view, including our new aerial photography, tax map dimensions, and street addresses. If you click on a parcel you can view the assessment information and the Map Card for that parcel.

This map service is still in the developmental stage and we will be adding additional features in the future. You are invited to try it out and provide feedback to this office at Should you have any questions using the application you may contact our office at (304) 255-9120.

For additional help navigating our new map CLICK HERE FOR A SHORT YOUTUBE TUTORIAL VIDEO

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