Motor Vehicle Property Tax Adjustment Credit

Frequently Asked Questions

“Improvements” refers to any building or structure on your property. It does NOT refer to any specific improvements you have made to your home or property.
The property taxes may be paid in halves, with the first half payment due September 1st and the second half payment due by March 1st.

Most pay their taxes by mail to the Sheriff of Raleigh County, Division of Tax Department, 215 Main Street, Beckley, West Virginia 25801. If you do not pay by mail, you may bring your payment to the Division of Tax Department, located in the Raleigh County Courthouse, for your property taxes. For questions regarding tax payments you may contact (304) 255-9162.

Social Security award letter showing you are permanently/totally disabled or a letter from a doctor, and a valid WV driver’s license or valid WV ID.

No, You only need to reapply if you move.

This will be reflected on your tax ticket. If you were due to receive a Homestead Exemption, please refer to the Assessment and Taxable amounts on the top half of your statement. If you received an exemption, the taxable amount will be less than the assessment by up to $20,000.

You are only exempt on the first $20,000 of assessed value. Any assessed value amount in excess of $20,000 remains taxable.

Yes, anyone whose mobile home is titled in his/her name and the individual resides in said mobile home may make application for the homestead/disability exemption. But you must apply within the specified dates.

The appraised value is an estimate of market value of a property, and the assessed value of your property is 60% of the appraised value. The assessed value is the value subject to tax.

There is a $3.00 fee per dog.

October 1st is the deadline.

No, we only need the make, model, year, and VIN number in order to price your automobile. The computer takes 60% of the loan value from the NADA (National Automobile Dealer Association) book as mandated by the State Tax Commissioner. That is why it is so important that you write your VIN number accurately and legibly.

If you own your property, it is not necessary to complete as our appraisers will visit your property and assess the value.

Provide a copy front and back of your military card, DD214 discharge papers or military order showing dates of service.

To be considered “on record” the taxpayer has filled out a current assessment form listing all vehicles owned on July 1st of the assessment year the form is completed. The taxpayer will then receive a tax statement from the Sheriff of Raleigh County in July following the tax season in which they filed.

There are several benefits to being “on record:, the first being that the taxpayer can complete the form in “real time”, meaning the information you provide is based on automobiles owned on July 1 the year the form is being completed and thus it is easier for the taxpayer to remember what they own instead of having to guess at what they owned on July 1 in previous years. The other benefits include saving money by avoiding the 6% interest penalty for non-compliance, as well as being eligible for up to 2 1/2% discount for early payment. On-record filing is also beneficial to those taxpayers who have mobility issues since both the filing and the payment services can be completed through the U. S. Postal Service. You will definitely avoid the potential of long waiting lines at the Assessor’s and Sheriff’s office when you complete your assessment form yearly and become “on record.”

West Virginia State Code states that taxpayers must render ALL personal property titled by the Department of Motor Vehicles in their name each tax year for taxation by the Assessor’s Office in the county in which the vehicle is located. The taxpayer must then retain the receipt as proof of tax payment to complete licensing requirements throughout the year.

You must bring a copy of the current year’s tax receipt, the renewal card the DMV sent you, and proof of insurance. If you did not receive the renewal from the DMV, you cannot renew your license at the courthouse; rather, you must go to the DMV with your old registration card, current year’s tax receipt, and proof of insurance.

Regular Class A plate for 1 yr is $31.00 and 2 yr $62.00

No you may not renew Class B license here only Class A and motorcycle license. All boats, trailers, and Class B tags can be renewed only at the DMV.

Yes, according to WV State Code you are required to pay personal property taxes on any vehicle with an active title. Even if the vehicle is inoperable personal property taxes are due. The only way to eliminate the requirement of paying taxes on items that no longer run is to take the title to the DMV and have the title junked so that it reflects in our DMV records for future years.

Every July 1st blank assessment forms are mailed to all taxpayers that have had supplemental tickets generated for them in the past year. If you fail to complete this form and return it to our office by the October 1st deadline you will not receive a tax ticket the next tax year.

No, you will only be responsible for the taxes on the mobile home. The land owner is responsible for the taxes on the land.

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